What does your ideal bike look like?

Everyone has a list of things they like, and a list of things they'd like to change.

For over 25 years as a rider, racer, guide, commuter and mechanic, Neil Cain did more than make these lists: he stockpiled them. Details – or lack of – frustrated and fascinated him. Working as a mechanic he saw plenty of clever equipment hacks; working as a guide, he made them. These alterations were the result of experience. They were not always pretty, but they worked (usually).

We have a mission.

Inspired by past engineering and design (and clever hacks), Cain Bike Co. was set-up to embrace innovation, ingenuity and local industry. Here in the UK there is a strong history of leftfield thinking, problem solving and industrial craftsmanship; Cain Bike Co. was started to help keep this maverick spirit alive.

Keep it rural.

Cain Bike Co. design products to be long-lasting and use small, specialist companies to keep communication easy and supply chains short. This is to build excellent products with minimal waste, while supporting local creativity and community.